Contre la réforme des retraites et la LPPR : le  5 mars, la recherche s'arrête
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Gender and Social Relations of Sex:

Combined within the CRESPPA, the GTM, the CSU and the LabTop bring together researchers investigating gender issues in their manifold dimensions who come from various intellectual traditions and disciplinary backgrounds: political sociology, science and theory, philosophy, literature, arts, cultural studies, demography, economics, intellectual history, and the history of science. The issues raised by these studies pertain both to social practices (social order and political order) and (...)   Read more

At the intersection of labor and social classes: domination, exploitation, resistance

Labor and social classes are recurrent social science themes which the CRESPPA intends to address, while focusing more specifically on their recent mutations. The cross-investigation of these themes contributes to renewing the way we conduct research by establishing a heuristic bond between these two themes. Indeed, exploring labor through the lens of social class means underlining the primacy of social and professional statuses in work environments, while other sociologies tend to focus (...)   Read more

Boundaries and dynamics of citizenship

The various forms of social and political participation and mobilization are a recurrent theme in sociology, political science, and philosophy. For several years, the different teams due to feature in the Cresppa have been studying these forms and their permanent redefinition in order to analyze their dynamics. If we agree that “citizenship” means the exercise of political rights within a certain community or society, it is then necessary to reflect on its dimension as a social and political (...)   Read more

24 January 2020